Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Ok so anyone who knows me knows that I am extremely prone to weirdly bizarre and vivid dreams. When I sleep, my imagination goes into over drive, along with my daily going-ons, to form these crazy stories and images. Some make no sense at all, so I laugh and wonder what I was watching before I fell asleep to bring that on. Others are highly disturbing, to the point where I truly wonder if there is something horrible lying ahead of me; like my dreaming is trying to warn me. Ok so I know that sounds probably overly dramatic; I know that they are probably just subconscious feelings about that certain topic that manifest in a different way. But I have to admit, some of them are really frightening. So I thought, in this blog, I would share a few of my dreams with all of you. Some of them are totally crazy, others are disturbing. Some of them I take from a journal I’ve been keeping of my dreams, others, actually one, is a reoccurring nightmare I have been having since I was 11or 12. And then I will close with last nights dream mixed with outside influences that caused me to not be able to go back to sleep until 6 am. So here we go.
Just a preface: Ill warn you right now that some of you will see your name appear in these dreams. Please don’t take it the wrong way or be offended. I know that they truly horrible ones didn’t involve anyone I know DOING something horrible to me. I will also (when I can) add the date of the dream, if I can remember. So lets begin!

May 5, 2009

I was with Diana and her family at this enclosed water park, and Diana, Josh, Zach, and Chris were in a large river that was clear like a pool and snaked all through the park. They kept on going under to get a glimpse of this humpback whale, but every time they went under the whale would breech the surface and make it impossible to see under water. So I kept yelling at them to wait to go under but they couldn’t hear me.

The scene changed to Diana and the family sitting at a table eating and Josh was bragging about this new fishing wire he had that was stronger then anything out there but completely invisible to fish. He had a line cast that stretched to the other side of the park and his pole sitting beside him. So I started to follow his line and ran into Patrick Duffy (ok FYI.. no I hadn’t seen him or heard his name at all that day… weird it was him who was there.) He tried to get Josh’s secret of his fishing line out of me--- WOKE UP!

May 6, 2009

Diana and I were at Cooper; I was a senior but Diana had just been brought on as the new band director. I knew this, so I thought I could get away with being late! I went to a pub and hung out with some friends for a little while. When I started to make my way to school I realized traffic was super busy and I was going to be later then I thought; so I panicked. When I got to school, Diana was sitting on a desk talking to the students, and I snuck in and found a seat. She started talking about dress code, saying that she is all for people wanting to wear neon wind shorts; she welcomed it! I looked around and suddenly saw a toy-sized, real life T-Rex. It was running around, all through the students, looking for little things to get and hang from a noose it built. Sara (Josh’s sister) was sitting down and the dinosaur came to her and tried to take her Chihuahua from her to go hang it. Sara told it, “No, no, bad boy.” That’s when I realized it was her dinosaur. She kept apologizing profusely to those the dinosaur was bugging. She was soo embarrassed--- WOKE UP!

July 23, 2009

Diana had a pet hornet name Guadalupé. She asked me to take him for a walk so he could go to the bathroom. Of course wasps creep me out, so I was against it from the start, but I appeared to be fairly calm. I asked her if she has a leash for it because he could just fly away, and she said, “Nope, he is very well mannered, he will go where you go.” So I start walking Guadalupé, realizing that he goes to the bathroom like a bird does: it looks the same. He finishes going to the bathroom and then collapses on the ground, belly up, like he is dead. I look around and realize there are many wasps like this laying on the ground. All I could think was, “Diana is going to kill me!” Then Guadalupé popped up and started to fly again. It turns out going to the bathroom the way they did wore them out so they had to take a break. We go back to the house and Guadalupé starts swarming around my head. Of course I was freaking out, telling him to stop. She kept reassuring me that he wasn’t going to hurt me, but she was laughing so hard. Guadalupé landed on my ear and started to like look like he was going to crawl in. I told Diana I was serious; to get him off me. She got a cup and stuck it to me ear, then told Guadalupé to come. He crawled in the cup--- WOKE UP!

July 23, 2009 (2 dreams I remember in one night….. nice!)

I was walking around the house one day and saw several things flying in the air. I told mom and dad about them but they didn’t see them, so they didn’t believe me. As the days went on I saw more and more of these flying things; which I came to find out were fleas; and the parents finally started seeing them too. I left to go grocery shopping, and when I came back the fleas (now in the billions) had banded together to form these gigantic blobs or masses that could move in unison and hurt other objects (like in cartoons when bees form a hammer or a giant stinger.) I screamed and dad ran and got some Lysol spray. This worked and killed the fleas, but I had already been swarmed by the,. I told dad to spray me with the Lysol, but he wouldn’t. He would spray a paper towel then try to wipe them off. I ended up being rushed to the hospital. They tried to revive me with the paddles, but it was too late. Mom started crying and said, “Who’s going to do the grocery shopping now? --- WOKE UP!!

Reoccurring (I have this dream at least once a week, if not that, then every other week, since I was 11 or 12)

I’m coming out of school (Madison Middle School) and I see a man dressed all in black with a knife. It’s obvious he is coming for me. I try and hide behind other kids until I get to the bus, thinking that once I’m in the bus he can’t get me. I make my way to the bus, just as it is closing its doors, thinking that I had lost him and I was safe. I had this friend named Jason who rode the bus with me home since we lived in the same apts. When the bus stopped at home, Jason and I got off and started walking. I look back and see that the man in black had hitched a ride on the back of the bus. I scream to Jason to run, but the man gets to him first and slits his throat. Jason falls in a lump and I can’t move from fear. He starts towards me and I take off. I get home, run through the door, and lock it behind me. I turn around and see my entire family hung from the ceiling. I panic, thinking maybe they aren’t dead. I run over and they are all ice cold… dead. I pull out a pocket knife and try to cut them down when I hear someone trying to come in. I run out the back and upstairs to another neighbor. I bang on her door, begging her to let me in. She finally did, and I told her what had happened to my family and how I had to hide. I told her that if he came looking for me to not upset him but tell him you had no idea who I was. Then I went and hid in the last place I thought he would find me…. in the toilet. I closed the lid (Yes I magically fit). I hear a knock at the door and I catch my breath. I hear her talking; I hear him asking about me; then I hear silence. I stay in the toilet for at least 5 more hours. I finally crawl out and it’s dark. There is no sign of the man in black. I get to the door and see my neighbor cut into pieces. I had no emotions, I couldn’t feel anything. I stepped over what was left of her and went home. I walk in and close the door behind me; locking it. I make my way slowly over to my dead family and begin the process of cutting them down--- WAKE UP!

So now, to close, I will share last nights dream. It’s a little fuzzy and not completely organized so please bear with me. Here we go!

September 8, 2009

I’m working at First Christian Church and everyone has left for the day. It’s getting dark and I’m finishing up some things. I hear a tap on the front door. I hesitate to get it, because there are a lot of homeless people who hang around the church and I couldn’t help them and didn’t have answers for them. The knocking continued… it’s dark now…. So I go to take a peak. There is a woman outside. I unlock the door and tell her that we are closed and I couldn’t help her and that I was sorry. She started yelling at me telling me she just needed to use the phone and I could at least let her do that. I told her I would make the phone call if she would like. She told me she needed to call in her hours to Sonic because she forgot to turn in her time sheet and pay roll was tomorrow. I told her it might be easier to just fax it. So I let her in, thinking I watched the door close. We went into the office and I asked her for the number. She fumbled around and then I heard a man’s voice behind me. The woman grabbed me and the man started laughing, saying it was too easy to get in. He came in the room and punch me hard in the stomach and I passed out.

Ok so here is where I woke up several times. I kept trying to change the outcome. But no matter how I tried to change it something bad happened. One time I turned into ice and they crushed me. Another time they tied me up and pushed me up onto the roof.. then pushed me off the roof. Yet another time I ran to my car, just barely quick enough, but I fumbled with my keys and he came up behind me and twisted my neck. Then there was one where I made it in the car but I couldn’t get it to go into drive and he broke in the window and dragged me out, the whole time getting glass stuck in me all over. Then the worst, which I hesitate to share, ends with a raping and slit throat. So after this last time I wake up, completely startled, breathing heavy and trying desperately to clear my head. Then I hear a loud noise. To me, it sounds like someone knocking on the front door. I’m not kidding when I froze in my bed, I quit breathing, I was literally petrified. I didn’t move for about 3 minutes, but I decided I needed to figure out what that was, and if someone was in the house or if the front door was locked. I slowly walked out of my room, and Sophie immediately staring down the hallway. I walked to my mom’s room and she was up, she had heard it too, which made it that much worse. She thought something was falling off a trailer as it drove my or something. But since I had just had that dream I thought much worse, like my dream was coming true only in a different setting. I had to stand still and catch my breath again, but I felt like I needed to go look around. I went into the living room and Alex’s fur was standing on its end, he was all poofed up, which again didn’t help my fear. I looked out the peep hole…… nothing. I worked up the courage to look out the front window (from the side of course)…… nothing. It was pretty much impossible to get back to sleep after this. I tried to listen to soothing music or stick in Seinfeld and watch something funny. I even finished the book I was reading. I eventually fell asleep a little after 6 this morning.

Alright so now that you are thoroughly convinced I am crazy I will close this entry out. At least I know that my friends can always count on me when they want to hear an outrageous story. My parting words will be those that I say to my friends that lets them know they can settle in for a wild ride, “So…. I had this CRAZY dream last night!”